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In the course of Fitbit’s modern press occasion in New York City, the company talked thoroughly about the new goods that it’ll be highlighting this coming spring. A large amount of the emphasis was on its new Versa smartwatch and Ace fitness tracker, but Fitbit also took a fantastic chunk of time to communicate about new woman well being functions it can be doing work on.

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This spring, Fitbit will introduce menstrual cycle monitoring for all Fitbit end users that recognize as woman on their profile. Tracking will be obtainable on-machine for the Versa and Ionic, and ideal in just the Fitbit application for absolutely everyone.

Feminine end users will have the choice of incorporating a new woman well being tile to their Dashboard in the Fitbit application, and this will enable them to observe their cycles, see predictions of future cycles, indicate any signs and symptoms they are suffering from, and see cycle-by-cycle metrics once ample details is recorded.

Tracking is obtainable on the Versa, Ionic, and Fitbit application.

There are by now a large amount of no cost apps that enable ladies observe their female well being, but Fitbit believes its provide will stand tall among the the rest of the competitiveness. By tapping into all of the other details you log with Fitbit (these types of as steps, calories burned, heart-amount, and so forth.), ladies will be equipped to see any backlinks concerning biometrics and their menstruation. Add that together with the point that Fitbit by now has 25.4 million energetic end users, and there is great possible for this to have a enormous impression on female professional medical analysis.

A Fitbit analyze recently discovered that 70% of ladies never know the common length of their cycle, and 80% of them are not mindful of how quite a few phases are in a cycle. By enabling its thousands and thousands of woman end users to log all of this details, Fitbit says it’ll let for analysis to be accomplished in this discipline that has not been obtainable right until now.

As for the end user, Fitbit also notes that “getting this know-how can help ladies have superior conversations with their health practitioner.” When questioned about their cycle during a health practitioner visit, ladies can pull out their cell phone, demonstrate their health practitioner all of their details, and more properly tackle problems and pick up on crimson flags.

None of this straight impacts me as a 20-yr-aged dude, but I honestly found this to be the most intriguing of all Fitbit’s announcements. Having a superior understanding of our system is vital to primary a healthy life, and that is precisely what Fitbit’s hoping to obtain below.

If you happen to be a woman, what do you think about this? Audio off in the reviews below!

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