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Philips Hue outdoor

Philips is introducing a range of new Hue lights for outdoor areas. The new alternatives include wall-mounted lights, spotlights, and a pedestal lamp, and the wise lights are presented in both shade and white shades. The outdoor lighting alternatives are weatherproof and can be hooked up to an present Hue bridge.

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Philips claims the Lily spotlight can be made use of to “spotlight the crucial layout attributes in your backyard garden, illuminating gorgeous flower beds, or potted plants,” while the Calla bollard is excellent for “route lighting and can also be made use of to enhance your outdoor area.” Each types let you pick out from 16 million shades.

You can also handle them the identical way as your indoor lights by using Google Assistant and Alexa, and set automatic schedules from the Hue application. With the Property & Absent characteristic, you can set the lights to arrive on automatically when you’re approaching your house.

Philips Hue outdoor

The new outdoor lighting alternatives include three wall-mounted luminaires in the Hue white range: the 800 lumen Inara and Lucca at $49 and $59, and the 2600 lumen Ludere, which will retail for $129. The Hue line is also finding a PAR38 bulb that will slot into present fixtures, with each individual bulb costing $29 and a double-pack obtainable for $49.

In the meantime, the Lily spotlight will retail for $279/€299, and the Calla bollard will go on sale for $139/€139. The outdoor range will go on sale in the U.S. and Europe beginning this July.

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